EMG srl

EMG S.r.l. was founded in 1986 and offers a wide range of solution from simple advising to full turn key supply in several different fields, including woodworking machinery, the ammunition loading machinery and metal division


Engineering is the core skill of the company. Many years of experience coupled with industrial working competence are the secret of an impressive success. A team of specialized technicians always working on finding new solutions, is the engine of the company; relentlessly looking for new knowledge and technologies. The technical office, composed by high qualified and trained engineers, works hard to design new ideas in order to improve the quality of our machines and to cut cost. Innovation is the essence of EMG engineering.


Our manufacturing is complete and able to employ mechanical tooling operations, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic systems, totally developed in house. Moreover the managing software is edited in house. This production care allows EMG to be independent and ready to promptly intervene when required. All the components chosen for the EMG plant are always top quality. Focusing on both cost and quality. Customized manufacturing are realized at our workshop. EMG always thrives to provide safe and user-friendly.


EMG Crew works all around the world for installing and maintaining EMG plants. One of priorities is to be always ready to assist and intervene when the customer needs it. Furthermore, a quick response to spare parts demand completes the care to customer assistance. Consulting is always at customer disposal. Consulting services may range from a small suggestion to an in-depth customized project study.

EMG srl

EMG srl

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